Christ the Redeemer Facts – A Sight to Behold

Christ the Redeemer is a popular spot for most tourists. This statue is situated in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be more precise and exact. This came to existence because it was a representation, and probably a symbol of the Christianity of Brazilians. Way back in the year 1850, there was already an idea to put up a monument for religion. A Catholic Priest suggested this. However, it reached until 1920 when support was petitioned for such idea. This was the time when the landmark was constructed. It was the start of its realization. There are so many Christ the Redeemer facts that have to be learned. What are these?

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Facts about Christ the Redeemer

Basically, the design of the given was visualized in the 1920. It took almost nine years to be finalized and finished. Today, it is not surprising that it turned out to be a part of the Seven Wonders of the World. What other facts have to be learned about the statue? Basically, this is a large art deco. This is how the statue has been in the whole world. It stands 98 feet tall. This includes almost 26 foot pedestal. The arms on the other hand may be stretching to 92 feet wide.

As for the weight of the statue, it has the measurement of 635 tons. Christ the Redeemer may be stumbled upon at the Tijua Forest National Forest. This is on the mountain top of Corcovado. Basically, the said statue will be the icon of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. This is known to be fifth of the largest statue to ever feature Jesus.

Originally, it was suggested for the monument to be put together in the 1850. This was advised by Pedro Maria Boss, a Catholic priest. However, there was no approval given for the financing of it. This occurred because Princess Isabel was not really a big fan of the whole idea. The request was then denied. This was true way back in the year 1889. Brazil had to mandate the separation of the state and the church. With that said, the petition only started when a group initiated it. This happened in the year 1920. This was termed Catholic Circle of Rio. It became successful since then. As a matter of fact, the construction occurred in 1922. Everything was finalized for almost a decade.

The catholic community of Brazil dole out the money so that the statue can be put together. Several designs were presented. Selecting from them is basically the task. There was this one which turned out to be the depiction of the cross. There was another where Jesus has a globe on his hand. He was standing on a pedestal as a symbol of the world. All of these have been put to suggestion.

At the end though, the design now seen on the monument was selected. This was ideal to show how Christ loves the world and how he will embrace it. This is how it is now.